A fun giveaway to check out!

My dear friend Lynn is celebrating her birthday with a great giveaway!  Check back at her blog daily to see great products featured and to have your chance to win!  Lynn lives in Bermuda and does AMAZING things with her students–so you are going to WANT to follow her blog to see all the great stuff!  Click the logo to get started…

This week is a crazy one for me…I am frantically getting lots of new units started and working to try to figure out how best to remediate some of my kiddos who are really far below grade level.  Our job is definitely a job of decision making, isn’t it?  How do we spend our minutes?  What method will reach the students the best?  What kind of cookie should I buy at the bakery to make myself feel better?

Anyhoo…watch for some posts this week about some of the different things I’m trying!  Have a great day–and don’t forget to check out Lynn’s giveaway!