Back to school…for some of us!

It just came to my attention last night that many of you are NOT back at school today like I am!  I was shocked!  I thought ALL of us had to go back today!

It was a little tricky last night getting back into the mindset of going back–I can’t lie.  Last night was a typical “Sunday” night for me…trying to make sure I was clear on what to do today and so on.  I even cleaned out my school bag–holy smokes…long overdue.

Preparing for a two day week after a break required a different mindset, however.  I don’t want these days to feel like “fillers”, yet I have to be realistic!  We need to refresh our memories of where we left off, do some sharing about our breaks, and then see how ready we are to dig in.  I thought I’d start off with our second attempt at a Google form entrance slip (I’ll share more tomorrow!) to see what they remember about fractions, and then we need to think back to our research project that was introduced but not started before break.  I hope they remember SOMETHING about it!  I’ll fill you in tomorrow on how day one of the New Year goes–so if you are home today, enjoy!  I decided to extend my New Year’s sale one more day to try to make ME feel better about going back before many of you!  When do YOU go back?  I’d love to hear!  Tell me I’m not the only one back in the trenches!