Exciting stuff as 2015 comes to a close…

Happy New Year, everyone!
I have a couple of exciting pieces of news to share with you today-and hopefully you find something interesting!
1.  Today was my day to blog over at Upper Elementary Snapshots.  I’d love for you to stop by and check out my post all about helping students be more prepared to tackle CHALLENGES in the new year!  Just click the image below to take you there!
2.  To celebrate the end of a great year, I’m saying “Thanks!” to all my loyal followers by having a special one-day sale…New Year’s Eve only!  Take 15% off everything in my store…a great way to stock up for January!
3.  I’m not sure if you follow me on Facebook, but if you have been around the last few days, you might have seen that I have a new product line!  I have had so many requests for bundles–but haven’t really seen a huge connection between a lot of my products.  I have bundled sets of word problems…and writing prompts…and my Thinker Tasks…but beyond that?  After a lot of thought, I realized that a lot of people tend to buy similar resources to help them teach a concept–so I thought that it might be nice to be able to get two correlated products at a reduced price.  The idea of my “Teaching Tandems” was born!  I have gradually started pairing products that I use together and uploading as a sort of “minibundle”.  As I upload each one, I’m giving away a copy on Facebook so stop by!  I’ve linked a few of the ones I’ve already done–there are 10 more on my list!  I’d love for your ideas for other “Tandems” as well.  Check these two out and see what you think!  They will always be available in my store by clicking on “Teaching Tandems” in the custom categories on the left side.  Enjoy!
So…those are the three big pieces of news for now!  Stay tuned for some other exciting tidbits over the next few days…and don’t forget to check Facebook for the Tandem giveaways over the next few days as well!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!