Happy Memorial Day and more!

Today is an odd day, isn’t it? “Happy” Memorial Day?  My father is 89 and is a WWII veteran.  It goes without saying that my pride in him and in the country runs deep.  Today is a day we celebrate with days off work and picnics and baseball–but please never forget that sacrifices made by so many men and women and their families.  We were lucky–my dad came back.  That being said, enjoy your freedoms today–but just pause for a moment to remember those who did not come back.  
I am spending the weekend helping my son make a baseball recruiting video (So I am teaching myself iMovie–which could lead to some pretty nifty things coming up on the blog!), working on a new “Thinker Task” because–get this–my students begged for ONE MORE before the end of the year. HOW COOL IS THAT, and finishing up lesson plans for the week.  Stop by tomorrow for a blog post all about how “BizWorld” started in my classroom.  The students are SO excited!
I also want to announce the winners of my giveaway!  Thanks to so many of you for stopping by over the last week to take my survey and enter the giveaway.  Drum roll please!
The winner of the $25 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers and $25 to my store is:
The three other winners who each win any product of their choice ($10 or less) from my store are:
Check your emails for information!
Finally, as we move into the final weeks of school (I KNOW some of you are finished, you lucky ducks!), I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite end of year products.  Maybe some of them will help get you through the crazy times!
Have a great Memorial Day–and stop by tomorrow to read about BizWorld!