It’s Monday–Time to Get in Gear!

OK.  It’s official.  My procrastination ends today.  Right now.  Over the weekend I generated a multi-page to do list where I separated all the stuff I could think of into different categories.  I “glammed” it up a little to make myself believe it would be a fun and cool thing to work on.  Apparently I’m smarter than I think I am because it isn’t working.  Check these bad boys out . . .

It’s ridiculous!  Now do you see why I’ve avoided them?
I do have a little helpful tip today as I know lots of you are buying stuff from the big sale over at TpT–which, by the way, is still going on today!  (Please remember to use the code BTS13 to get your additional savings!!!)  If you are buying game cards of any kind and don’t have colored cardstock, you can still make the backs of the cards different by using sheets of colored/patterned scrapbook paper.  I wanted to keep some number sets I made separate, so I ran a line of scrapbook adhesive (our glue stick) down the middle of each row, stuck them on different paper, THAN cut the cards out and laminated them.  They are thicker AND students can easily keep the groups of cards separated.
It was really pretty fast.  The cards had enough glue/tape on them to hold them together before laminating.
Today’s job?  Go to school and TACKLE. THAT. LIST.  I also have to do my OWN shopping at the big sale! I have a few things on my wishlist to take care of!  This is a great time to buy those bigger items that might have seemed out of price range earlier, so I have my eye on some new digital paper bundles!  For those of you who are interested, ALL my bundles are not only discounted (like they always are) but ARE a part of this sale, so you can get a great deal on them.  For those of you who followed my fraction journey last year, that huge unit is also a part of the sale–at only $12.80 (my editors had wanted full price on that one to be $25 but i just couldn’t do it . . .).  Here are the links to a few of those bigger bundles if you want to check them out today!  I’ll report back later on my progress on my list at school! Have a great day.