Monday Made It!

Once again it’s time for…
I have a few different things to share with you this week.  I certainly don’t feel like I’ve been very creative or crafty of late–so much to do–but it is getting to be the holidays so I have a few little treats!
My son has a set of 11 amazing caregivers that help us so that he can live a more safe and comfortable life.  It’s hard to do something special ($$$) for that many people, so I try to do little things every so often to show how appreciative I am!  I found these cute little holiday tins at my local “red store”, filled them with some tissue and treats.  I took the name cards off for obvious reasons, but thanks to Susanna at Whimsy Workshop for the adorable Santa clip art I used!
It’s gift making time as well…and I got started on my student gifts and thought I would share “Part I” in case it inspired you…I haven’t finished the rest of it yet so I can’t share that part!

I bought two “bricks” of dice on ebay…I think I paid $17 or so for them…
Five dice per student…
In these ridiculously cute little velvet bags!
I’ll attach one of these cute little tags to each and then will fold up a sheet of math fact and strategy games to go inside each bag.  THAT part isn’t finished yet!
I’ve been pretty busy making some new resources for my classroom as well–we are deep in the thick of math workshop, and I have been making games and other resources like crazy to try to meet the needs of all of my students.  Not an easy task!  I am really stressing different components in math workshop–namely precision, fluency, problem solving, and math language.  These games are geared toward working on that fluency piece!
Here are a few of the games in action.  If you are interested in seeing more, they are all “Dollar Deals” i my store…you can click any of the pictures to take you there. I also have a number of great game freebies in my store so check them out as well.
And finally…I did get my next open ended math challenge ready to go…my students have been begging for a holiday themed challenge (I know–they are BEGGING for a math problem!) so here it is!  Enjoy!
Hope everyone has a great week!  My formal observation is coming up on Tuesday so I am getting ready for that.  Cross your fingers that math workshop isn’t a total disaster that day!