Monday Made It!

Some of you may know that my husband and I decided to turn our den/piano room into a shared office.  Over Christmas we shopped and purchased some “put together” furniture after an exercise in room measuring.  I posted about it on my Math in Real Life post the other day!  Click here to read that post.

Well…two days after ordering the furniture, it arrived–all NINE BOXES!  I thought this would be the PERFECT Monday Made It…because we worked all break to “Make It”!  I’m linking up with 4th Grade Frolics again–so stop by and see all the other great accomplishments happening around the world.

So here is our “little project” in photos.  It isn’t QUITE finished yet…the decorating, window treatments, and office chairs are still to come, but I’m pretty dang excited about what we got accomplished!
Moving out the old!
Some of the NINE BOXES!
The first piece is underway!
A little “help” from a feline friend…
This is the hardware for a SMALL piece!  Our hammers and screwdrivers got a workout.  We were actually SORE the day after we got started!
MY desk complete!
With the hutch…
I can’t get the entire room…but this gives a little feel for it!

So now that the furniture is finished, I have to move on to part two of the project–organization and decorating!  I have a few snapshots of my thinkin’…but I’d LOVE to hear your ideas and feedback!

I fell in love with this…the print part is like a tile suspended between those wooden pieces.  Husband is less impressed…but I am working on him…
Found some funky accessories that I totally love…put them here for now.  We’ll see if I keep them!
Thanks for stopping by to see what I “MADE”!  I was super proud of how efficient we were in getting all the pieces built.  I hope this will lead to a year of being far more organized!  Suggestions are welcome!