Monday Made It–Brownies, Posters, and Math Games!

Disclaimer:  I had this entire post written, photos loaded, links made–and EVERYTHING WENT BLANK.  This is my SECOND attempt!  Wallowing in self-pity…

Well the first week of school is underway and I already feel stressed.  You too?  The good news is that the first Monday Made It of the year is up and ready!  Make sure to stop and check out all the cool stuff!

I have a few things to share this week . . . and the first are on a personal level.

 . . . when I get stressed, I bake and cook and eat.  I am officially up 10 pounds since school let out.  This week was no different and I found myself in my kitchen soothing myself by making frosted double chocolate brownies and beer dip.  Did this help ANYTHING?  No.

So . . . instead I should probably focus on things I made for my classroom, and I do have two projects to share with you.
First of all, we have a brand new math series this year and we know that we are going to have to be doing a lot of our instruction in small groups.  I want activities that are MEANINGFUL, so I created a set of games to use to reinforce the place value concepts of our first unit.  I also know that my students have VERY varying needs, so I needed differentiation options!  I created a set of 5 place value games and am now in the process of getting them all copied, cut, and organized.  I copied each game on a different color of tagboard and made 5 sets of each to use in my groups.  I wanted a quick way to make sure that all my green cards, yellow cards, and so on never got mixed up so I made a quick decision to mark the backs before cutting.
Two stripes–one down each row of cards!  This is the green set . . . and then just picked four other colors to make my four other sets!

Here are the purple and blue sets . . .

Ready to add the laminated direction sheet, store in a gallon bag, and play!

I am pretty sure that the students are going to enjoy the games–especially when they are at just the right level for them!  Here is the link if you want to check them out . . .

The other project I tackled was making myself a set of Standards for Mathematical Practice posters in “kid friendly” language.  I was so busy making different versions for people this summer, I never thought to make one for myself to match MY room!  Last year I had a boring set posted way up high, and I wanted a nicer set and I wanted to post it at eye level so I could use it.  In fact, I wanted a way to be able to quickly take them down to use for mini lessons so check out what I did!  I simply hung them up with binder clips so I could easily take them down and put them back up if need be!  Easy!
If you are interested in some of these for your room, check out my store–there are several versions.  Here is the link to one of the most popular ones!
Hope you all have a wonderful week–and I’ll eat a brownie for you!