Monday Made It: A Little Classroom Organization!

It’s already Monday and once again it’s time to link up with Tara at…
So the first “made it” isn’t really much special…but I wanted to redo these from last year and make them smaller.
I print, laminate, and magnetize these bad boys and use them for my schedule on my back white board.  I really try to be thoughtful about what learning targets I write up by them…I try to focus equally on process and content standards.

Thanks to Mary at Teaching With a Mountain View for the fantastic storage idea for anchor charts!  I took her idea and tweaked it a little when I found this awesome squishy laundry basket.  I threaded some adorable polka dot ribbon through it, labeled it, and voila! Now I need to take all my old anchor charts and roll them up and get them in there.  It looks kind of small in the picture, but this is a full sized, tall laundry basket–should be GREAT for the rolled up anchor charts. THANKS for the inspiration, Mary!
Disclaimer:  I do NOT reuse anchor charts very often…but I do keep them as reminders to me.  I really think they need to be made with the students most of the time! 
Finally, I was able to finish some resources that I hope you will like!
If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know I LOVE teaching math…and have been a firm believer in CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) for 20+ years.  I have finally organized myself enough to put a resource together to help grade 1-3 teachers teach the different problem types or–in my case–to use for intermediate students who need remediation in problem solving.  I have addition and subtraction finished (and bundled) and more are in the works!  Here is a post I wrote explaining a little more about CGI if you are interested.
Interested in seeing the resources?  
 I also have had MANY requests for my triple format word problems for younger grades (and–again–to use for remediation in upper grades) so the first one is finished and ready to roll!  More are coming…
I worked VERY hard this week—but didn’t get much else “made”!  I did put them all on sale for those of you who might want to grab them.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Make sure to check out all the other great posts at 4th Grade Frolics…just click the button above or RIGHT HERE to see more!
Finally…I’ll talk about it a little more tomorrow on my blog, but the first three Tuesdays in August are going to be focused on the book “Building Mathematical Comprehension” by Laney Sammons–the guided math guru!  I LOVE this book and think it’s the perfect book to reread before school starts to really get me in the mindset of getting students thinking mathematically.  Interested in following along?  Here is a link to the book–and I will preview it a little more tomorrow.  Grab it or dig it off your bookshelf if you want to chime in!