Monday Made It: Organization and Inspiration!

It’s “Monday Made It” again and I have just a few little projects to share!  It was a busy busy week at school, so I am just SO thankful to be finished!  I am exhausted!  Thanks to Fourth Grade Frolics, as always, for the link up!

So…to get things started, even though I really haven’t had time to decompress about THIS school year, I thought I better get a system in place for all the amazing ideas I find this summer!
I decided to dedicate a binder solely for the purpose of keeping all my back to school stuff in one place.  I had to “cute it up” a little, of course. 
The cover
The section dividers–for now.  I’m sure I will be adding more as the summer unfolds!

OK…on to the more “crafty”  project–although it was really a simple one.  I have a plaque hanging in my classroom that is very meaningful to me…and I considered bringing it home to inspire me in my home office.  Instead, I decided to “cheap out” and just make a quick version of it!  Thanks, Powerpoint, laser printer, and a clearance frame!

Although I haven’t had too much time to get some of my TpT rolling, I did make a new set of kid friendly “Standards for Mathematical Practice” posters in fun lime green designs…
and I updated my “Getting Ready for Reading” resource by adding in several more class recording sheets and response prompts.  If you already own this, make sure to go re-upload with the additional pages!  
That’s all for this week of Monday Made It…hoping for something more dramatic next week–but we shall see! Make sure to check out all the other great ideas linked up–and stop back on Tuesday for “Texts on Tuesdays” where I am posting about my section of “Notice and Note”!