Monday Made It: Video Blogging!

I’m officially on summer break–and now the fun begins!  Once again, I’m joining up with 4th Grade Frolics for…
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This week was a little unusual in that I had to wrap up school and pack up my room…go to baseball sectionals (My son won!  Off to State!)…have a friend visit from Kentucky…get baseball recruiting letters written…and more!  So what was the BIGGEST thing I made this week?  That’s right.  MESSES.

I figure messes don’t really qualify, so I thought I’d share something I “made” that is brand new for me–and, to be honest, put me WAY out of my comfort zone.   My son is hoping to play baseball in college, so we needed to make a recruiting video.  I spent some time teaching myself the basics of iMovie and gave it a go.  The results might not be professional, but the videos are passable and it got my brain really moving.  I have wanted so badly to get back into presenting and staff development, but there just aren’t very many options around me.  What if I could create a series of short video tutorials that might get teachers thinking?  So here goes Made It #1

I started by making a video about my classroom library and how I organize it and manage it.  I know people are always curious as to how other people do things–so I thought I’d put mine out there.  Disclaimer:  The video was made with my library in “end of year” conditions and I can say now that I do not like my voice.  At. All.  That being said, I hope maybe someone can get a new idea or two from my video.  Click the image below if you are interested in checking it out!

I already have my second video posted and have a list of nearly 30 more that I hope to complete this summer!  If you want to subscribe to my “channel”, click HERE and then you can listen to my weird voice whenever you want.

Really, the only other thing I made this week was a batch of banana pecan muffins for my son to celebrate being finished with school and going to the state tournament.
Yeah.  At my house we reward ourselves with food.  I can’t lie.  
So–I promise there will be more “Made Its” next week…but take a few minutes to check out my video if you have time.  I’d love to hear what you think!  Please remember to click the 4th Grade Frolics image above to take you to the linky–and leave some great feedback if you read something that resonates with you.  Have a great day–and make SURE to stop back tomorrow for “Texts on Tuesdays”.  You will NOT want to miss my interview with Laney Sammons!  See you tomorrow!