September’s “Currently”. Wait–it’s September?

So . . . today started with the realization that today is September.  Not only is it September, but it’s September SECOND, meaning I missed my brother’s birthday yesterday.  Sigh.  Parents-to-be, do NOT let your babies be born on the first of the month unless you want disorganized friends and family to forget to turn the calendar and miss the day.  Sigh.

As always, Farley over at “Oh Boy Fourth Grade” has her wonderful “Currently” linky up and running.  It’s so fun to get to know fellow bloggers this way so make sure to check it out and follow new people that interest you!  Ready?  Here we go . . .

I haven’t been listening to much lately . . . I’ve been at the computer FAR too much and I do better lately when the background is quiet.  I usually have the Brewers on, but it has been tough going for Brewer fans of late.
Tomorrow I go back to school.  I’ve always thought it interesting that I say “I have school tomorrow.” instead of “I have to work.”  Sadly, sometimes lately it has felt a little more like work than ever before.  To counter that, I am going to think about the 23 little humans who I can hopefully make a difference for over the next 9 months.  
That being said . . .  I AM NOT READY!  I just looked at the clock and thought, “You should NOT be writing a blog post.  You do NOT know what you are doing tomorrow!”  It all gets done–right?  It always has before . . .
I know it’s greedy, but I would L-O-V-E a new printer.  Mine drinks ink like it’s a 54 ounce gas station soda and I wonder if a laser printer would save money in the long run . . . suggestions?  I would sure love more time . . . or at least the ability to better manage the time I do have.  As for my BMI?  Not much to say.  My “middle digit” is up 3 from where I want it to be, and I better get working on it SOON.
As for priorities–I think that taking care of myself needs to be one of them.  I also need to be thinking about home and school and family and friends and figuring out how to create a sense of peace and balance in my life.  Sigh.
And finally . . . I have to get my body moving.  I have to get “off soda”.  I have to get more sleep.  If I could work hard on those three things this month, I am pretty sure some of the above issues will be in better shape.  
So–chime in, link up, and support each other this month!  Let’s make it a great one!