Spring Break–and MORE!

I’m on vacation!  I’m on vacation!

Let me tell you…it was QUITE a week leading up to it!  The good news is, I have some GREAT stuff to share with you this week…so stay tuned!

First of all, make sure to stop back this week often as I have a bunch of blog posts going live–another fun Google idea. as well as THREE posts about teaching area and perimeter with some easy and fun ways to help your students build their understanding!  Also, to celebrate the fact that spring is FINALLY here (even if I still have huge piles of snow in my yard), I am putting these spring items on sale all week!

Finally, stop over and visit my friend Mr. Hughes to check out a fun giveaway–who doesn’t love THAT?!?  Click HERE to check it out and enter!

Have a great week…if you are on vacation–tell me what you are doing!  If you had vacation, tell me what you did!  If you are waiting for your vacation, tell me your plans!  If you don’t GET a vacation….

I’m cowering in the corner now…hiding.
(and I won’t tell you where that corner IS either!)