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For years, I have had teachers tell me things like, “I wish I taught next door to you!” and “I wish I could see how you did that!”  

Guess what? Now you can!  Join the “Centered Teacher” collaborative Facebook group and be a part of my “in the trenches” teacher life! Most importantly, I WANT YOU TO SHARE, ASK, and BE ENGAGED!

Be ready to get inspired, feel supported, and work to be the centered teacher you want to be. Have you always wanted to be a part of a “Dream Team” of  Grade 3-5 teachers?

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Are you nodding your head to any of that? I have some great news!

What If You Could Have…


I have always loved the collaborative nature of teaching. Blogging and creating innovative teaching resources has allowed me to share my ideas with thousands of teachers.

Still, it felt like something was missing.

I felt like my vast experience with teaching and engaging standards-based lessons wasn’t getting into the classrooms of other like-minded teachers.

I needed a community to help guide teachers who WANT to make a difference, who want to grow and be their best for their students—but who want to keep that all-important school/life balance as well.

At the end of the day, we are all in this together—and I want you to LOVE teaching as much as I do!

Are you in?

What am I providing?

The Centered Teacher Collaborative is all about providing a select group of motivated teachers with both engaging, standards-based content in the form of videos, lesson plans, and printables as well as a vibrant community of educators who want exactly what you want—to be an effective, engaged, and centered teacher.

Being a part of this unique group means you can build connections with other teachers while improving the science and art of teaching–and finding that “centered” place where all parts of your life feel balanced.

Join My Amazing Community!

My name is Meg and my passion is supporting teachers as they use best practices to create meaningful, engaging, and effective learning opportunities for their students. With nearly 30 years of classroom experience and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, I am here to share my experiences and strategies with you. I can’t wait to have you join my community and watch you grow as an educator!

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