The First Monday Made It of the Summer!

School may not be out for me yet, but I still had time to do a few little projects this week to link up with…
My son finished school on Friday, and I still have a week to go.  I think I can, I think I can!
Here are a few of my recent projects.  First of all, I was accidentally shopping in a section of a store with red carts that has items for $1 and $3.  I saw this little table top easel with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other.  Of course, I had to have it.  Sadly, the wood was unfinished and was totally un-festive.

 I grabbed a little bright blue paint and jazzed it up a bit (and also got blue paint on my shirt–and now I need suggestions for how to use this little guy!  Chime in!

So the next little “sort of” crafty thing I did was to put together a little gift bag for a little sister of one of my son’s friends (did you get that?) who has agreed to come help me in my classroom today!  I put a bunch of treats in there for her and she is going to help tidy up my library and some other tedious things.
I made a new basket for books that I am going to use next year.  Instead of having students NOT take their time to put books away carefully (despite my easy system), they can choose to put them in here and the library team will put them away correctly.  
OK.  So this is a weird “Made It”, but I am SO frustrated with myself about my eating habits.  Back a million years and 30 pounds ago, I did Weight Watchers and I remember the most important thing for me was tracking my food so I made myself a little food tracker.  I printed off the first week and will assess and see how it goes.  My goal?  At lest 8 pounds GONE by July 7.  GONE.  FOREVER.
It’s that time of the year again, and I love to give my students a book and a personalized bookmark to send them on their way.  Last year I made something similar, and my students seemed to like them so I did it again.  I made a stack of some of our favorite read aloud books, took a picture, and then used that as the “clip art” for their bookmarks.  I used a Beverly Cleary quotation about reading, added their name, laminated them, added a ribbon, and VOILA!  I’ll stick each one inside a book to give them on the last day.

Finally, my students had been BEGGING for another Thinker Task so I worked and worked on this one, they tested it–and it’s ready!  If you already own the bundle of Thinker Tasks, make sure to go download it now that task #7 has been added!
Anyhoo–NEXT week I am hoping to have a rather cool “Monday Made It” so be ready!  Thanks to Fourth Grade Frolics for the weekly fun all summer long!  Click the image at the top of the post to take you to ALL the other great ideas!