Back to school ideas and more!

Starting to think about hunting for back to school ideas?  I know there are tons of blog posts out there about organization, bulletin boards, and more–but today I just wanted to share a few of my favorite back to school resources that might help you as you start to plan those first weeks.  Along with them, I have included some new video previews that I have created, and I would LOVE to know your thoughts.  Do they help you better understand a resource more than just a written description and still pictures?  Let me know!

Back to School Ideas

First, teaching teamwork and collaboration is so important.  I like to build in at least one or two cooperative activities every single day in those first weeks.  Check out these eight team building activities and see what you think!

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Speaking of building community…I seriously love this back to school pennant project–and it’s WAY more than a craft project.  While doing it, my students learn about my expectations for work quality as we build an anchor chart together.  As we work, we get to know each other and start to build classroom community!

Growth Mindset

Check out this video preview for my growth mindset toolbox…I use this a TON at the beginning of the year, but then I follow up all year long to keep students really focused on mindset.  Students need the language to effectively talk about growth mindset in the classroom, the books they read, and the world they live in.  See what you think!

Getting Ready for a Year of Reading

There are so many amazing books out there, but I love to start my year with “Fish in a Tree”.  It is an amazing story with great characters and TONS to talk about.  You know I love to push students, and this Fish in a Tree Novel Study resource is no different.  I give you everything you need from teaching points to writing opportunities–all focused on getting students to think deeply and prove their ideas with text evidence.

Looking for forms and lesson ideas to help establish reading in your classroom?  From checklists to posters to anchor charts, this resource can give you a TON of ideas to get independent reading off on the right foot.

reader's workshop, back to school, reader's workshop forms, independent reading, reading anchor chart

How about an organized set of reading learning targets to help you with your planning?  I use them for whole class planning and intervention planning–see what you think!

reading learning targets, reading, reading interventions, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, reading goals

Back to School Ideas: Math Lessons and Activities

Setting routines for math is so important…learning how to work in partners, learning how to access resources in the room like math manipulatives and paper, learning how to persevere and make sense of problems all need to be a part of those early weeks. Here are a few resources I use in those early weeks to help students learn to TRY, to work together, and to realize that challenge can be fun! Also available with digital slides!

back to school, word problems, problem solving, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade

Want to dig in right away and try a more open-ended back to school challenge?  Thinking that you might want print AND digital options? Check out this differentiated back to school shopping challenge!

problem solving, back to school, project based learning, PBL, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, math task

I love using this as a bulletin board that doesn’t take up much space but this challenge can be done without a display as well.  It’s GREAT for helping students realize that there can more than one answer to problems, that organizing work helps, and that there are different strategies that can be used when tackling computation tasks.  My students love it–and it’s easy enough to differentiate with the help of teamwork or calculators.  Big puffy hearts!

Of course, I have a ton more resources in my store that might help you out!  I’d LOVE to know if video previews like this help you to better understand my resources and if you would like to see more of them!  Enjoy the videos–and have fun getting ready for back to school! By the way…check out THIS POST for more back to school ideas!

See you soon!