“Bright Ideas” “Boo boo tape”!

Today’s “bright ideas” post is the result of me digging for a stamp in my mess of a desk drawer and finding this roll of Post-it correction tape–AKA “Boo boo” tape.  I have used this in the past to fix anchor chart errors and other crimes against displayed work needing a bit more than white out.  I left it out on my desk and thought, “I should really use this for something.”
 And so I did!  I started using it for all sorts of things!  I left a student a note in their assignment book on a piece–I’m always afraid post it notes will fall off and get lost.  It worked perfectly!  I used it when a student needed to know the call number of a book to get from the library–I wrote it right on a piece and stuck it to the library pass.  My FAVORITE use over the last week or so (since my archaeological dig) was when I was working with some context clue task cards with a few intervention kiddos.  I really wanted them to not just pay attention to the “mystery word”, but to think about what TYPE of word could fit in the space.
After the students had brainstormed words that COULD fit, I let them peel off the boo boo tape to see what the word actually WAS.  They seemed to like this more interactive way to check their work.
Tried to get a picture of the student PEELING the tape off…but those were all blurry.  Here is my closest shot–POINTING at the tape!
I started to think about other ways to use the tape…covering up answers on other types of problems, covering a second direction that you don’t want students to see right away, or even as a sort of manipulative…like using pieces with different consonant blends to stick in front of phonemes to make new words.  
Anyhoo..thought you might have a roll or two in YOUR drawer as well–and maybe you have some other ideas!  Chime in below if YOU have creative ways to use correction tape in YOUR classroom!
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