Celebrating Reading–One Link at a Time!

I have a class of VORACIOUS readers!  We have worked so hard all year on picking just right books, reading for deep understanding, reading books to completion, talking about books. . . the list goes on and on.  I thought it would be fun for our final quarter together as readers to make a chain of books we have read!  Every time one of us finishes a book, we write the title and our name (I get to do it too!) on a link and I add on to our chain.  

We also brainstormed the genres we have discussed this year and we are color coding our chain so we can look and see what we are reading!
Here’s what we have so far–as you can see, I have definite reading “preferences” in my classroom!   Just thought you might like to give something like this a try too–the students love it!  They want to get our chain long enough to make it out the classroom door.  Here’s what we have so far!
Hope everyone had a great day . . . I’m off to finish my grades 4-5 multi-step word problem resource and then off to book club.  It’s time to pick our new books.  Anyone have any great suggestions for “grown up” books?




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