Classroom Fun!

Tis the season…

I don’t know about you, but it was WELL PAST time to take down some fall decorations in my classroom and “winter it up” a little in honor of the first day of December.  We sacrificed an hour of learning the Common Core (shhhhhhh…) so we could make these beautiful 6 sided snowflakes.  We read about snow and learned all sorts of cool facts about how the weather influences the shape of snowflakes.  Check out the slide show if you want to make these beauties with your kiddos!  Let me know if you try it–I promise your kids will be thrilled!  I am not even kidding–my class spontaneously broke out into Christmas songs while they worked.  It made my day!

Here’s how to do it!!!

Check out some of the finished products!  The kids had SO much fun…

This week the fourth graders started to learn more about the research process…we worked in teams to learn as much as we could about a topic, learned about how important “technical vocabulary” about a topic is when reading to learn, and how to decide what facts are most important–and which are just really cool to know!  Students then worked to create research posters that they then used to “teach” their classmates in a one-on-one environment.  The kids had a blast and learned a ton…three, 45 minute work times + actively engaged students + cooperation = learning for life!
Check out our research poster slideshow below!