Classroom Photos/Tips

Tip! Use decorative notepad pages to mount your bulletin board letters…these light bulbs made a cute background for the black letters!  What an easy way to add “zip” to a display.

Mathematicians do these…what are working on in fourth grade?  Make it public and model it all the time!  

Check out my trusty math manipulative organizer!  This one is great–it lets kids grab a drawer to take back to their seats to use!  Larger tubs of counters are stored on the shelves below.

See!  Pretty nifty, eh?  Visit your local dollar stores to find motivating counters!

Ready for another one?  I never know how to use all the cute carts and storage bins I buy…but I turned this one into a
rolling math cart!  LOVE!

My tub of whiteboards sits in easy reach and the bottom shelf has two bins…one for markers and one for “erasers”.  I can move it to wherever “math” is happening!

This storage system is a GREAT way to store math journal problems! You can arrange them in order from least challenging to most challenging…a great way to differentiate!  These problems tend to have my students’ names in them and are often seasonal in nature.  These problems then get glued into their math journals…sometimes we work on these as a class, sometimes in small groups, and sometimes individually.  Interested in learning more about how I use math journals? Check out some of my resources on TpT.