Classroom Visit #3: Making messes and moving slowly!

I have always been so envious of my friends who can walk into their clean classrooms and delicately and gracefully unpack a box at a time, put up a nice neat bulletin board, and they leave their room looking beautiful every day.
This is not me.
This is one of four corners of destruction.
Today I went in to meet with our tech person to try to learn more about Google sites so I can figure out how I want to incorporate that with my new Chromebooks.  I’m SOOOO excited!

What DID I get accomplished?  I got my Chromebook station set up…but that’s for another post!  What else?

You might have seen these letters on one of my Monday Made Its…I am going to encourage students to add cool fact they learn as they read…on the news…wherever–trying to draw more attention to the “coolness” of informational texts! 
Unpacked my supplies.  All $100 dollars of them…Let’s see…24 students for 180 days and $100.  That’s quite a math problem!
SO excited…moved my “Mind Boggling Math” board onto a new, bigger board that I called “Creativity Corner”.  I’m going to find a way to have my creativity resources here for students to do when they finish early…and then room to display completed projects!  

***UPDATE: I was asked to add the link to the bulletin board above. Click HERE if you want to see it.  This is the 3 digit addition version…there is a 2 digit version and money version too.

I use this bulletin board each year because I love to have it up when students and parents come for “Meet the Teacher”.  It gets students and parents talking about 4th grade…and it can stay up for the first week or two until I have some student work or other curriculum “stuff” to display.

So…chipping away a little at a time–but MAN I left the room a complete mess again!  I need to spend the next few days making some “to do” lists to keep me focused.  Thanks for taking a little “sneak peek” with me!


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