End of the year reality check!

Because I go to school until June 13, my school year still feels like it is in full speed ahead motion. As I’ve watched different people posting recently, I realize that many of you are in your final days with your current group!  I’m not going to lie… this has not been the easiest year of my 22 year career. However, as I look over some of the work my students have been producing lately, I realize just how far they have come.  As hard as it has been, I know I will (as always) be shedding tears that last day.
I would love to hear what some of YOUR best accomplishments were with your students this year! Let’s brag a little bit… Spill it! Did you help a student develop a love of learning? Did you get a student hooked on a great series of books? Did you learn some new technology yourself? Share below and brag a little!  Let’s celebrate with each other all that we did…and maybe your brag will win you a little “help” for the end of the year!
I thought I would share a few of my resources that might be helpful for you as you wind things down… I’ve hooked up a little rafflecopter to reward you for sharing! This is going to be a quick little giveaway though… I’m only going to open it up for two days so leave your great success stories below by the end of the day tomorrow and I will announce the winner on Friday.
Here are the resources I’m offering up to a lucky winner!
So….click the rafflecopter, add your great moments…and sit back and enjoy your students–whether it be for only a few more days or a few more weeks!  Thanks for stopping by!