Getting Ready for February

It’s hard to believe our first semester is almost finished, and February is right around the corner!  We are digging deeper into our new units…poetry, matter, historical fiction, and fractions and we are making good strides in our newest read aloud, Eight Keys.

As I started doing some longer range planning, it became pretty clear that I needed to get my February ducks in a row pretty doggone soon!  I thought I’d highlight some of the activities I am going to sprinkle in with my content over the next month.

First of all, I love to highlight reading in displays outside my room.  Last year my class LOVED working on the following bulletin board, and I blogged about it and some other Valentine’s ideas last year.  CLICK HERE if you want to see the blog post from last year!  I did turn that project into a TpT resource if you are interested, but as you can see, it would be super easy to replicate on your own.

We are also really really really needing to work on our problem solving skills, so I am printing off a ton of my Valentine’s word problems…I have a set of task cards and my Seasonal Word Problems.  Different groups of students will be assigned different problems to work on during independent math workshop times while I pull remedial and enrichment groups.
One of the enrichment activities we will do during this time is included in my “Valentine’s Day Fun Activities” resource which is a collection of 5 different learning activities…a writing prompt, an open ended math challenge, some word work–and more.
As you know, I am a HUGE advocate for getting students to read, read, read books at their “just right” level.  I am going to use Valentine’s Week to challenge the class to set new goals and to see just how much we can show that we “love” to read!  I will be using my reading challenge resource to keep track of things.  One of my math enrichment activities will be for students to tabulate some of the data and present it to the class.
During math time, I needed to find a way for my students to get more practice on their multiplication facts before we did into our “large” number multiplication coming up later in the month.  My “Snowball” dice game was so popular that I created 3 brand new, differentiated math games for my class to play.  Each of the three games focuses on multiplication–and each comes in 2 difficulty levels!
So as you can see…we have lots of fun ways to incorporate the holiday into our learning over the next month!  I did bundle together three of the products at a reduced price for anyone who is interested!
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