I am such a procrastinator!

So . . . instead of

  • lesson planning
  • cleaning
  • report cards
  • exercising
  • or anything else that I SHOULD BE DOING . . .
I have been working on these seasonal demand writing prompts that I have had in my mind since the middle of my vacation! I wrote down all the information on the trip and then spent today working on the format.  For those of you who have seen my other demand prompts–these are similar in that each one comes complete with an assessment checklist.  The difference is that I wanted some prompts that were more “seasonal” instead of writing mode (opinion, narrative, descriptive) based.
These are common core aligned and are ready to print and use.  I am going to use one this week, in fact!  It has been a while since I grabbed a snapshot of my students’ writing.  We have been doing such big projects that sometimes it is hard to know what they can really and truly do on their own.
So–they are finished!  I don’t know if any of you are interested, but I will put them all on sale for the next 2 days for anyone who wants to check them out!  I know–shameless product plug.  I’m sorry!!!  I’m just so excited that they all came together without any major hitches!
I have a spring/summer set . . . 
 . . . a fall/back to school set
. . . and a winter set.
Of course, I made a bundle of the 3 at a reduced price for anyone who is interested.
So . . . let me know what you think!  If you want to see more of what this is, here is a freebie sample from an earlier product.  It will give you the “flavor” of what these are!  
No more shameless promotion this week–I promise!  Tomorrow I will be posting over at All Things Upper Elementary–and then watch for another division post or two this week!  Here’s hoping the students remember their learning from before break!