So…here it is.  The. New. Page.

Consider this the official “kick off” of the Literacy Page!  May it be the source of inspiration for all of us…

I’ll start with a few photos that impacted our work today.  I woke up to this:

You cannot see the disgusted look on my face, can you?  It’s there.  Trust me.

But when I got to school and saw this:

I know…fun, right?

I decided we needed to do this:

Can you hear the excited buzz in the room?  When life gives you lemons…make your fourth graders write about them!

So…I decided to push back our “feature article” minilesson and take the time to review some of these key writing skills we have been working on diligently…writing interesting leads…adding quality details…and crafting satisfying conclusions.  The results?  Happy writers.  Happy teacher.  Life is good.