Mark Your Calendars!

Are you ready for a summer of learning?  Me too!
To keep myself focused this summer, I have declared Tuesdays to be Texts on Tuesdays” at The Teacher Studio!  Every Tuesday starting on June 10, I will be blogging about professional resources that can help us all to be better at our craft.  Ready for the round up?
To start, I am teaming with some of my math buddies to co-host a multi-grade, DOUBLE books study!  This book is the perfect choice–because there is a K-6 version (that I am hosting with Jennifer Findley) and a 5-8 version!  If you are looking to improve the level of discourse in your math classroom, you will definitely want to join us!  You are going to want to grab your book NOW because our first post is coming up on JUNE 10!
If you want to follow along with me, this is the version you will want–“Good Questions for Math Teaching:  Why Ask Them and What to Ask–K-6” by Peter Sullivan.  Grab your copy now and join us!
Another book study I am guest hosting is on the wonderful “Notice and Note” book by Kylene Beers and Robert Probst.  I am doing this collaborative book study with a ton of GREAT blogger friends!  I will be hosting TWO of the chapters on June 17 and July 10 (yes…this is a Thursday.  Don’t judge).
THEN….You won’t want to miss AUGUST!  Each Tuesday in August will be focused on a section of the amazing book by Laney Sammons “Building Mathematical Comprehension:  Using Literacy Strategies to Make Meaning”.  This book is definitely going to help us work smarter, not harder–and to help us help our students see that good “learning behaviors” are key to learning in EVERY subject!
All the other “off” Tuesdays are going to highlight some of the other professional books I have on my “to do” list this summer…so be ready to feed your book addiction!  (Be honest–you have one.)  All the fun starts SOON so pick up any of these book that interest you…and I’ll be seeing you EVERY Tuesday this summer to learn more about this complicated world we call “school”!  Watch for even more details coming up!