Monday Made It:: Name sticks, t-shirts, dice mats, and geography!

Thanks a million to Tara for hosting this great link up week after week!  Make sure you click the logo below to take you to ALL the great posts this week!

OK…I can’t lie.  I was going to bail on this week’s MMI…I leave for Vegas tomorrow for the big TpT conference and I didn’t think I could squeeze in the time.  I did it!  I even got myself packed for 5 days in a carry on bag–probably my biggest accomplishment!  Other accomplishments? Here goes!
OK…this doesn’t really count because I didn’t make it myself…but I designed it and ordered it!  I made myself a luggage tag, jumbo button and this SLICK t-shirt from  A Plus Images.  They have the CUTEST teacher t-shirts–not just customized ones like mine.  Bedazzled…grade level…inspirational.  Love!

Every year I use popsicle sticks to draw random partners, trios, and groups.  In fact, I probably make my groups with these “people pickers” about 75% of the time.  It saves times, ensures students learn to work with EVERYONE (yes, even boys working with girls), and that no one is last picked.  This year I thought I’d paint them.  Why?  I do not know.  I made a HUGE mess…and not even sure they turned out that cute!  They are done though–and made 4 extra for changes in roster and added students because I am NOT dragging out that paint again!
Last year I bought a few fun pieces of felt for dice rolling to keep things quiet and controlled.  I wanted to get some more but the store was out…so I bought some foam.  It was so boring so I thought I’d decorate it.  Stupid idea.  I tossed the first one that looked like a Pre-K project and then just added some accents in the corners.  Why?  Because I had my paint box out from project #2 above and it felt like the right thing to do.  Should. Have. Left. Them. Plain.

OK…this was my BIG made it of the week…really of the last YEAR.  I seriously started this project a YEAR ago and quit and started and quit and started.  I wrote all about it HERE if you are interested in reading more…but let’s just say that I have FINALLY gotten all my mapping projects and ideas put together in one place! I love incorporating art, research, and challenge into whatever I teach–so I hope this resource doesn’t disappoint!  I am leaving it on sale until I leave for Vegas!