Monday Made It: New Videos and a MMI FAIL

It’s another week of joining up with 4th Grade Frolics for…
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This week was a little CRAZY with my son’s baseball team making it to the state championship game…it was very exciting–and they came so close to the title!  I did have time for a few “made its” this week despite the chaos.
Last week my “Made It” showed my video about my classroom library organization.  This week I added TWO new videos to my “channel”  If you want to subscribe to my channel, click HERE and then you can listen to my weird voice whenever you want.  This week’s videos share about how I take status of the class with my students and WHY I do it, and the second video talks a bit about a different approach to math instruction.  Click the library picture to view that video or the other images to go to THOSE videos.

So…my second “Made It” was a total fail.  I saw this cute little chipboard mailbox at a craft store and I thought to myself, “Self, you could TOTALLY decorate that to match your classroom.” So my little self bought it and brought it home.  You see, I always have some sort of way for my students to slip me a note about troubles they are having…questions they have…if they want to tell me something that’s going on–and so on.  Perfect, right?
The blank canvas… 
The brilliant idea to Mod Podge paper over the top… 
Right.  Those edges aren’t a problem.  Sigh.
Must make the inside presentable…right?
 AND THEN…I closed the door to make sure it all fit correctly…took a picture.  And. Left. It. Overnight.
No words needed. 
So this is my best attempt to fix the massive FAIL.  I hate it.  I just hate it.  I am going to leave the craftiness to the rest of you.
So….needless to say–I should stick to what I am better at.  BUYING PREMADE STUFF.  ðŸ™‚  Hope you all have a wonderful week…make sure to stop by tomorrow for a “Texts on Tuesdays” post about about math resource EVERY teacher should have in his/her collection!


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