Professional Development–Can The Teacher Studio help your school?

So…for those of you who have been following me closely for a long time, you know that I am extremely passionate about teaching.  In the past, I have facilitated a number of different staff development opportunities–from 2 hour sessions to full week classes.  After giving up “that life” when my younger son was diagnosed with autism, I am now getting the itch to get my presenting life back in action!  To see what kind of interest their might be, I have created a google survey to collect a little information.  If you are interested in filling it out–or forwarding the link to the person in your district who might be in charge of professional development, I would be super grateful! Feel free to comment below as well with any input you might have.
Here’s the “info” provided at the top of the survey:
“I am eagerly looking to get back into providing professional development for teachers through half day, full day, and multiple day workshops.  I very much enjoy working with adults in the field and feel my presentation style is lots of fun and very practical.  I have developed this survey to see if there is the market for quality professional development in your area.  I know money is tight for so many districts, so I am trying to gauge whether or not this is a worthwhile venture on my part.  Feel free to pass the link for the survey on to other people in your district if you feel they might have more insight.  Thanks for taking the time to help out!”
Are you interested?  There’s no obligation–I’m really just trying to feel out interest.  If you are, here’s the link–and it literally should take 2 minutes.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY




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