The final product and Meet the Teacher

Let me start by reminding you that I am not cute.  There is nothing about me that is cute.  My clothes aren’t cute.  My shoes aren’t cute.  My classroom isn’t “cute”.  There is no theme.  Nothing coordinates.  However, when people walk in, they usually feel like it is a good place to be…there’s something there.  Maybe it’s the colors?  Maybe it’s the really nice big size?  I don’t know–but I know it’s not CUTE.  It’s why I’m even nervous posting it–I’ve seen other bloggers’ classrooms.  I know what cute is.

Walking through my door…our calendar and important information board…the bathroom book table, etc
Our desks in clusters with a large group space by the easel and smartboard
Also not cute–but I tried to take a panoramic of my reading nook.  It just looks WEIRD and one whole wall behind the book spinner is cut off.
Chromebook station and “to be filled” boards–for student writing, anchor charts, and more
Even MORE books, and “me stuff”
The door.  Nothing cute.  I’m allllll about learning journeys–we all start at one place and end in another and take different paths to get there.  Project related to this will be coming next week!

Meet the teacher went well! Last year I had a rush in the middle and had a room full of people and felt like I never got to make a personal connection with each visitor.  This year, people trickled in a steady rate so I got to greet and chat with all that came.   I can’t wait to get back all the parent intake forms to see what PARENTS have to tell me about their children–such valuable information.  I can’t believe we start back on Tuesday!  Lots to do this weekend…