The Winners Are…

THANKS so much to all of you who participated in my giveaway this week!  I have had SO much fun–and I hope you have as well.  I have really enjoyed reading your comments and have taken some notes as to what products people want next!

I suppose all you care about is the winners, though–right?
Well…there were SO MANY entries–I feel so bad only picking one per day!  To try to make everyone feel a little better, I decided to put my entire store on sale for today only to make up for it!  (OK…I know–it’s not NEARLY as good as winning $120, but it’s really all I can do!)
But for the REAL winners . . .
drum roll please…

The Monday winner of the 2/3 giveaway is Kathleen Marie!

The Tuesday winner of the 3/4 giveaway is Sabrina Hinze Holdsworth!

The Wednesday winner of the 4/5 giveaway is Morgan Christiansen!

The Thursday winner of the 5/6 giveaway is Lisa Barton!

The Friday winner of the clipart and “more” giveaway is Melissa Moore Breig!

…and the winner of the $50 shopping spree in my store is Teresa Wilson!

So many of you took the time to list your favorite products and suggestions–and I really appreciate it.  I feel bad because a few people thought that by listing their favorite they would automatically win it–so I apologize for that!  To make up for it, I have FIVE MORE WINNERS who can each pick one item from my store!

They are  Crystal Knueven, Amy Mehallic, Cynthia Jensen, Lisen Wonderlich, and Tiffany Molin!

And . . . for the rest of you . . .stop by my store and take advantage of the 10% off sale today only.  Any for those of you who left me product suggestions, don’t be surprised if you see one or two of them in the next few months!  Thanks again, everyone.  I feel so very blessed.