Bright Ideas: Exit Slip Storage!

formative assessment storage

Today’s “bright ideas” post is the result of me having WAY too many papers floating around my room–especially the half sheet formative assessments I use ALL. THE. TIME.  Because they are smaller than the rest of my papers, they are constantly getting misplaced, stuck in piles, and so on.  Here’s what I did!
formative assessment storage
These little pesky buggers!  They are ALL over my room!  UGH!
So, when I was at one of my favorite discount department stores with red carts, I saw this wire letter holder–you know the ones I’m talking about–with three “tiered” sections? I thought to myself, “Self, if they can hold LETTERS, couldn’t they hold exit slips?”  And I listened to myself–for once.
exit slips
So…I took that little guy to school and hunted down all my copies of exit slips.  Part of my problem is that I am “creatively organized”…what this means is that I think ahead a LOT so I prepare things, order copies, and then can’t access them when I want them!  
I decided to TRAIN myself to use the three sections as follows…the front section for any exit slips for the current unit (makes sense, right?  Right in front?), the middle section for the exit slips from the LAST unit that I didn’t use (I like to do a number of these AFTER the unit is over to see if it “stuck” or if reteaching needs to happen, and the BACK section for extra slips from past units that I can pull out whenever I want to spot check a skill.
multiplication assessment
I found a clear space (one of VERY few on my desk!) for my new organizer and used my first one yesterday–no hunting, no searching.  LOVE IT!
Want to see an example of the exit slips I use?  Click any image above or this sample below!
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