Bright Ideas: Organizing Math Game Cards!

It’s time for another “Bright Ideas” post-and this is a quick one but a good one.  If you are like me, you are trying to do more and more differentiation and working toward a more “math workshop” approach.  In my attempt to have students doing meaningful work, I have been working hard at creating games to build fluency in a number of areas.  Many of these are card game–and I have been having a hard time figuring out how to keep the pieces all together for each.  I have tried using soap dishes, I have tried envelopes, and I have tried little disposable plastic containers.  I still found myself spending too much time figuring out what card went with what game and so on.
I decided to streamline and tried making all the games of one variety (even if I had “tiered” the game at different levels) on ONE color of cardstock so I could recognized the cards as being from a certain game.  Then, instead of marking each card with a colored dot or some other system, before I cut the cards, I picked a color and a style of line to squiggle on the back like this.
I simply makes sure that the colored line falls somewhere on each row of cards (these sheets have two rows of 4 cards each) so that when I cut them, each card has that colored line on the back.
Like this!
I started putting directions sheets in gallon ziplock bags and then using sandwich sized bags for each individual “deck” so all the sets of each game had their own baggie within the big bag.  So far, my system seems to be working and we can quickly find where to put misplaced cards!  
I know it may not be rocket science, but for a disorganized soul like me, I’m hoping it makes a difference over time!  Make sure you check out all the other amazing “Bright Idea” posts below.  
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