Chilling with a good book!

A project I have done for the last few years is one of my favorites…and it was PERFECT this week as we are not quite ready to tackle our big feature article writing.  I simply ask my students to think of a book they have read this year that they think someone else might want to “chill” out with!  Here’s what we made…
First we wrote our paragraphs, got them checked, and recopied onto the final copy template.
We used different tracers to design our snowpeople.
We started to give them “personality”!
We lined them up above our lockers for a festive touch!
Too cute!
Enjoy!  We’ve already had a bunch of compliments!
Last year I posted about this project and had some requests for the letters and template, so I did put them together in a resource.  Click the picture below if you are interested.
In case you didn’t know…it’s FRIDAY tomorrow!  Enjoy!