Classroom Visit Day 2! Classroom library improvements

It was back to my classroom for another half day–and my main goals were to get all my new fabric finished and to get my new labels on my book bins.  Mission ALMOST accomplished!
The front is ready for “learning decor”!  Now…what to put there this year!
This is one area of my library…I have most of these bins arranged by series, author, or topic–and I’ve been adding to some of the bins so my labels were starting to get a little too…um….”Sharpied”.
When I don’t have enough of a series to fill a bin, I usually add to it.  Sometimes a new series comes along that I end up needing a space for–so I just add those to the labels.  I hated the way it looked so…
The new labels for my blue bins.  I think they are kind of fun!  The number on the label is the bin number…each of the books in that bin also has that number on it to make for easy organization.
I have another book shelf of bigger bins for poetry, biographies, and other “bigger books”  I also have two “just for fun” bins which have great books to read when you just have a few minutes or if you need a book to read to a younger buddy.
This is how I made them…just inserted a piece of digital paper onto a powerpoint slide and then added 9 white boxes to label.  The purple labels are for my big yellow spinner of books…
Like this!
I said I ALMOST finished…because when I made my list of bins I missed some–so I had to wait until I got home to make a few more labels. So when I got home from school, I had to take the cat to the vet, register my son for his junior year (Man…I do NOT think I could take the courses he is taking!!) and then I finished up my newest resource that I am SO excited about!  It truly was created because I simply CANNOT find this type of math project anywhere.  If it goes well, there will be more in the series!  Check it out if you are interested…I have it on sale through tonight.
Next on my list?  Make a list of classroom things to accomplish…items to purchase…and things to “make”!  This is the time of year I start freaking out a little…so I am taking some deep breaths!