Day 1 in the books!

Just thought I’d post a little bit about my first day back with students–and I think I can summarize it in just a few words.

I am so exhausted.
My throat hurts.

HA!  I’ll bet a few of you are in the exact same boat.  We spent the day starting to get to know each other… And I thought I would share one of the most fun moments of the day! 

We started the day in a community circle to do a little sharing and begin to get to know each other.  Here were our discussion prompts today.  It was a great time to introduce our child with a hearing loss and every student got to hold the microphone that transmits to his ear when they took their turn. The first question is partly for me–and partly to begin talking about names . . . something that will be important in tomorrow’s lesson.

A few years ago I started giving my kids a “test” on the first day of school.  Mean–right?  Well, here is today’s 12 question true/false test.

The kids had SO much fun filling out their test sheets!  They were debating back and forth like crazy–and I’ll tell you that the top score was 7 right!  I think I’ll tease you a little bit and will give you my answers on Thursday!   HA!  You’ll have to add some comments to let me know what you think!
We did all the normal first day stuff, but I will blog over the next few days about some of the highlights.  Today I did start to get students talking about their needs and strengths as learners by having to place their “dot” on some charts . . . 

It’s so important to try to help them see that it takes all types of learners!  They did a really good job and what I learned today is that I have very few shy students!  Good to know!
Another thing we did today was start to work on building our team building by working on jigsaw puzzles  . . . we talked about what we learned by working on them in teams.  That by helping each other things got done faster, that offering suggestions and helping got the job done faster, that having a plan (edges first, for example!) gets the job done faster, and worrying more about your OWN puzzle than other people’s–you guessed it–GETS THE JOB DONE FASTER!  I have the feeling we’ll be referring to this lesson again very soon!

So . . . here are a few snapshots from today.  Make sure to tune in to tomorrow’s “waffle” post for the real life math link up!  More “back to school” posts coming up later this week!  Hope you all had a great day!