Five For Friday!


I’m joining up with Doodle Bugs this week to share out FIVE things from this week!  I chose to not take pictures of some of the “less pleasant” parts of the week–and there definitely were some!

Like this.  Report cards.  Grading.  Sigh . . . I will be doing this all weekend.


This is my wallet.  I took a picture of it as it has now been returned to me from the Dallas/Forth Worth Airport where it spend the last week and a half somewhere between customs and the lost and found.
Welcome home, friend.
Please refer to photos one and two when understanding why I ate copious amounts of these this week.
Had a GREAT math lesson the other day–students were SO engaged and we really addressed multiple “Standards for Mathematical Practice”.  Check it out if you want–I linked it below.  
I finally kicked of my “Genius Hour”!  I can’t wait to dig in deeper next week and to start blogging about it!  The kids are SO excited.
So . . . here are FIVE little snippets of my week.  I had no photos of our standardized testing, the students with the meltdowns, the ridiculous number on my scale, my “stress complexion”, or any other assorted “undesirables”. 
I am, however, SUPER excited that something is brewin’ on the blog!  If you stop by this weekend, you might notice some changes . . . and make SURE to come back Sunday for a big announcement!
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