Flutter Summaries

Two weeks ago (yes, I’m behind) we finished “Flutter”, and–once again–this group of students LOVED it!  If you have been following me for a while, you’ll recognize this project from last year.  We have been working hard on the difference between summaries and retellings throughout this book, and I decided to challenge them to work to write a short summary of the entire book once we finished it.  Students worked together to do some brainstorming about the “heart” of the book and what would be key in the summary, and then I had them work independently to make google docs of their summaries.
We printed them off and then decided to display them with our “Flutterfly” project…it only takes 15-20 minutes total and the students LOVE doing it.  Check out the results!

Adding the “veins” with sharpie…

Stapling the middle only to the black background and adding the paint dots with cotton swabs
Letting our wings dry!
Displayed with our summaries!
Hope everyone had a good start to the week…it’s going to be a busy one in my room as we finish our big informational text project and work on starting our social issues book clubs.  More to come!