Formative Assessment..making my life easier

For those of you who follow me, you know I use formative assessment slips.  A lot.  I have a number of resources in my store to help…some are specific to certain math topics–but the one I use the most is my exit and entrance slip bundle…customizable slips to use on the fly whenever I want to take a quick “dip” to see how my students are doing.  I keep the resource on my computer…but when I’m in a rush, it does take a little time to “page through” it.  A few months ago, a fellow blogger told me about a new business she was starting where she binds resources into hard copies.  She offered to bind my resource for me so I could see how easy it is to use in this format.  I sent her the file electronically and…VOILA!
 I LOVED it!  Now, I can have everything at my fingertips…
When I find the slip I want…I run a quick copy and write in what I want to assess.
So…my “teacher tip” for today is that some resources might be more useful in hard copy.  I know THIS one sure makes my life a little easier!  Interested in getting this resource for yourself?
Interested in Appletastic Learning’s printing and binding services?
Email for information about how to get YOUR resources bound or visit their site for more information.