Happy Easter!

May today find all of you in a restful, happy place whether you celebrate Easter or not.  Today I will travel to see family for the day and am going to try my best to be grateful for everything that I have.  I don’t take the time often enough to reflect.
As we start off this next week, I want to get everyone thinking…so just a few pages of “Easter News” for you.  One, be watching for upcoming details of book study that I will be hosting this summer on questioning in math class.  I’ll post details later this week in case you want to join us and get the book!
Also, I am nearly finished with my geometry sorts resource (finally!) and hope to post it later this week.  I did manage to get a Double Scoop lesson posted yesterday on helping third and fourth graders develop division understanding–especially as it relates to multiplication.  Click here for more information.  Also, I wanted to let you know that I am having a BOGO sale this weekend…and it ends today!  So if you are interested, here is the information.  It’s a great deal…but make sure to read the information carefully to make sure I can get you your free product!
Finally, as we had our nicest weather of the year yesterday, I can’t help but think we are all in for brighter days ahead!  Think positive thoughts as you head out this week and make it a good one.  Thanks for stopping by on this very special holiday!