Holiday Hits!

It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . A SALE!

Join me (and a whole bunch of other bloggers) as we celebrate the season and the big sale over at TpT!  I don’t know about you, but I already have a bunch of stuff in my cart!  I’ve joined up with Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for a fun musical linky party to get the show on the road!

So let’s get started with some holiday tunes to kick things off!  Want to hear what’s playing on the Teacher Studio’s ipod?

That’s right listeners…we’ll kick off the music countdown with a new hit that is SURE to become a classic! Check out “Walking in a Math Wonderland” with this great new number designed to help your students persevere in math–and the results will be WONDERful!

This resource contains 24 great problems–but more importantly, clear strategies to help teach perseverance in your classroom.

Learning how to tackle challenging problems–with only coaching from the teacher!

Check out my blog post from earlier this week for more details if you want…and here is the link if  you want to see it up close.

When that one finishes up, we’ll keep with our math theme as we dive into “The Twelve Days of Common Core” where my hands on fraction unit will not only help you meet the rigor of the common core, but your students will love the hands on, meaningful activities that really help them understand fractions and use their reasoning skills–not just fill in the blanks!  This resource is based off a series of 16 blog posts–and all the posts and photos are included to show you exactly how this month-long unit unfolded in my classroom!  It’s my #1 seller and really stresses the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Getting students to step outside the box a little…

Debating and critiquing reasoning run throughout this unit.

Before our play list wraps up, let’s all chime in for “I’m Dreaming of a Holiday Product” where an entire winter can be spent enjoying quality math task cards to improve problem solving skills.  This bundled set of three sets of winter task cards will give you tons of options for whole class, small group, or math workshop and all at a reduced cost by bundling.

So are you ready?  Channel your inner Buddy the Elf and sing!  Have a wonderful Cyber Monday and Tuesday!  Don’t forget to use the code “CYBER” when you check out–that will save you 10% more off the 20% most people are discounting their stores!