Holiday Problem Solving at its FINEST!

I knew my students were excited to get started on our latest open ended problem solving task…they have been asking about it for a few weeks!
I kept putting them off and putting them off–because I wanted them to have the holiday edition to work on THIS week!  After our minilesson and practice time, we move into our workshop time–and this task was one of the choices I opened up today.  Of the 16 students who had the time to work, 12 of them grabbed this to do first!  You could have heard a pin drop as they dug in. .  . some alone, and some in pairs.  Before I let them get started, we reviewed expectations and the task itself.  Our goal?  Not just to solve it–but to find the MOST cookies that could be made AND to keep our work organized and precise.
This guy went solo…it will be interesting to see if his final results are as good as those teams who collaborated and shared brainpower!
This team was so careful about checking their math data page…and worked SO well together–and neither are top students…just hard workers!

After 15 minutes, this team hadn’t written much down but you should have HEARD the math talk!  They are ready to roll now!
They got a good start today . . . and will keep working tomorrow!  Want to pick it up for your class?  It’s on sale all week!