I did it!  I published it!  190 pages of fraction fun!

I cannot begin to thank all of you for your kind words over the last few months . . . you have kept me going when it didn’t seem worth the time and you  have made me feel very appreciated!

So . . . the unit is up and published. I feel so bad about how expensive it is . . . I asked several top sellers how much to sell it for, and they all felt $20.  I knew I couldn’t do it, so I have it priced at $16.  For today, I am putting it on sale so if any of you want to buy it, it is at a reduced price for today–tomorrow it will go up to its regular price.  Thanks again!  I have added in quite a bit, so I really hope you find it helpful!

Tomorrow look for a blog post about my new unit–division!  We have been digging in to the concept for the last few days, and I have some cool stuff to share.  So . . . if you are interested, check out my new baby!  Thanks again to all of you…