Loved That Lesson! November

It’s already time for “Loved that Lesson” again!  I am super excited to share with you one of my favorite lessons from last week.  
We are getting close to finishing up our electricity unit, and I wanted to give the students a chance to “show what they know” WHILE learning some new technology skills.

I taught my students how to do the following with Google Slides:
*insert text boxes
*draw shapes
*draw different line types (including free form lines)
*add fill colors

I showed them how to do all of these things on the Smartboard before we went to the lab and gave them one work time to play with their new knowledge.  They had SO much fun…they were teaching each other and everyone was able to use all 4 skills before we left the lab.

What’s next?  The task!

I told the students that during our NEXT lab time they would be using their new skills to make a scientific drawing of an electrical circuit.  I told them that they were welcome to get as creative as they wanted, but their drawings needed to show the following:
1.  a battery (“source”)
2.  the bulb (“load”)
3.  the wires (“path”)

The only rules were that their circuits needed to be scientifically accurate and labeled with text boxes.  Then the fun began!

We had SO much fun…and the students were SUPER proud of their creativity and their new tech skills!  I am pretty sure that lots of you could come up with other ideas to piggyback off of this…students could make their own story maps, show the life cycle of a plant…the possibilities are ENDLESS!  
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