Made It Monday!

It’s another “Made it Monday” link up!
Today I wanted to show you how I updated my “Questions, Comments, and Concerns” box that I use in my classroom.  This little box has been such a life saver some years–and some years it hardly gets used at al!
In a nutshell, I use this box to provide a way for students to communicate with me without having to do it in person, without having to interrupt me when I am teaching, or for them to share with me information that is personal in nature–but might be hard to share face to face.

What kinds of things do kids write?

They tell me about friend troubles . . .  (This is a GREAT  tool to have when they come in from recess complaining–tell them to put in in the concerns box and we will address it later . . .  90% of the time their frustrations are long forgotten when you pull the slip out later on!)

They tell me when a topic is confusing for them and they need more help . . . (I love to train kids in this system . . . many shy kids are willing to do this at the beginning of the year–and then we work to move them to talking to me in person)

They tell me when their desk group is having a hard time . . .(This leads us to having a team “talk” to work things out . . .)

They tell me when something is going on at home that they are worried about . . .

They tell me when they have really enjoyed something in class . . .

They tell me when they feel they need more challenges in an area . . .

So–my old box is about 5 years old so I thought I’d dress it up a little!  Here’s how I did it.  First, I badgered my sister and niece into helping me “create”!  I found an old candy box with a removable lid so I can open the box up at any time to get the messages!  After that, I took off the lid and got started!

I wrapped the cover of the box in scrapbook paper to match my classroom.

I snipped the corners to get a tight fit.
Checking out the design–making sure I know where to make the slit for the “mail”!

Marking the spot for the slit

Cutting out the opening on the box

Wrapping the lid.
Using a tape runner to make sure everything stays down tight.
Folding the “flaps” down.

Attaching the laminated “flag” with a brad so students can let me know when I have “mail”!

I attached a ribbon and hung it up!  This will go on a bulletin board near my calendar area by the door in my classroom.  I keep a little stack of paper and a pencil on the desk right below it so students can write a note without digging for paper.

I’ve got mail!

So–there it is!  My “project” for the day.  Hope it gives you some ideas as well.  Don’t forget to go Check out the linky!

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