Today’s Post is on ATUE: Some thoughts about “Problem Solving”

Today is my post over on ATUE . . . I hope you take the time to check it out–and the other great posts from the last weeks!  There is always such a great range of ideas over there . . . it is well worth investigating!  

Today’s post is my thoughts about how we define “problem solving”…if someone asked YOU what problem solving is, what would you say?

As for this blog…lots of thing are in the works!  More new products…book reviews…classroom ideas…and more!  Thanks to SO many of you for stopping by yesterday to check out my Made It Monday–I enjoyed reading all your comments and hope that some of you might try your own version of my “Comments/Questions/Concerns” box!  Don’t forget about my July special–I had someone take me up on it within an hour of the announcement!  I also want to wish Jamee, my raffle winner, a happy birthday!  She received the good news on her birthday–kind of a nice bonus gift!

As for YOU . . . have a great day and take a peek over at my “other home”!