Math Is Real Life: Cat Food Budgets

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This month’s Math IS Real Life focuses on a cute little furball who lives and reigns at my house.  

As I realized we were down to our very last few kernels of “crunchies”, I knew I needed to get myself to the cat food store right away.  I tried to explain to Milo that his current eating habits DO cause a lot of waste, but he–in typical feline form–simply ignored me.

So I drove off to the store to invest in another stash of mealtime fun for Milo–both his “crunchies” at $28.00 bucks a bag AND his morning and evening “mushies” at approximately $0.50 per can.  Yes.  He is spoiled.  I know.

It got me to thinking about how much I spend on the animal per month for food, so I decided to do a little calculating.  First of all, he eats about 1/2 cup of crunchies per day which, as you can see, gives him about 72 servings per bag.

He also gets 1/3 of a can of mushies in the morning and another 1/3 in the evening.  This means he goes through 2/3 of a can per day–or 3 cans every 4 days.
I decided to present some of this information to my students to see if they could figure out Milo’s monthly food bill and they had a blast!  I just typed up some of the information I gave you above and put it on a poster.  I made a few copies for fast finishers and let them take off.  They figured it out and had a great time doing some “real world” math!  I accepted several different answers because I did tell them to figure out “about” how much…and it was fun to see the variety of ways they solved it!

(The most common answers were about $23.20 cents per month–about $11.70 in crunchies and $11.50 in mushies)

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU!  Think of other “Real Life” math examples that YOUR kids might enjoy!  Blog about them if you are a blogger and link up next month!  If you are not a blogger and come up with great ideas to share, write them in the comments below so other teachers might benefit from your brilliance!  Thanks for stopping by…