“Me as a Reader”

Those of you who have been following me for some time may recognize this project from last year.  I saw a version of it on Julie Ballew’s website and adapted it to use with my fourth graders.  If you haven’t snooped around her site, I highly recommend it!
We have been working hard at our reading behaviors and I felt my student were ready to get a little more personal–to take all the minilesssons we have been talking about  and set a personal reading goal.  We talked about the many different ways we can all get better at reading and we generated quite a list.  I forgot to take a picture of it but some of the students’ ideas are below:
Read more “just right” books
Stay focused during reading
Keep up with home reading
“Fix it” when something doesn’t make sense
Read a better variety of books
Make good choices about where to read
Read with expression
Get pictures in your mind as you read

We also reviewed our “minilesson miniposters” that I display…here are a few

So…after having this discussion, we worked to turn our ideas into our “Me as a Reader” projects!  Check out the pics below!
I showed the students how to use their ruler to make a border for decorating.  I didn’t give them much class time to decorate…I gave them that to do over the weekend.  Some spent a TON of time and others didn’t…but I wasn’t willing to take a bunch of class time for it. 
We then added our information…three cards, three prompts–“My reading goal is…”, “When I read…” and “My favorite books are…”
I had some different head tracers I had made… 
And let them create their faces…
On Monday we put it all together… 
This fourth grader spent a ton of time on hers!
They were SO proud of them!  
UPDATE:  I have had a few questions about the mini posters listed above.  They are available as a part of this resource.  THANKS!