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For those of you who know me, you know that my “office” consists of part of our kitchen island, piles in the laundry room, stacks by my bed, and miscellaneous bags of books and other supplies.  Organization is NOT my strength.  It is a goal–it is NOT a strength.

So when my husband and I talked about converting our den/piano room into an office for the two of us to share (gulp), I decided to go for it.  Not being known for being the most decisive of couples, we stewed on this for a long time and then finally made the commitment to getting it started over break.

We knew we were on a budget (Translation:  We would be putting together our own furniture) and we had a pretty tight space.  I started by taking some measurements.

…and we followed it up with a massive “room emptying” experience.

We were able to hire a moving company to get the piano and the entertainment center to the basement and we were ready to roll.  
I knew we needed a lot of storage (no closet in this room) and we needed to fit TWO desks and had to deal with the windows and french doors.

We went to our local office supply store, walked past the pricier cool stuff and headed to the stuff we knew we could afford.  UGH!  The choices!  The parts!  The decisions!  We grabbed the brochure of the one we liked best and headed for home.
We started sketching out what we wanted and started adding up dimensions to see if we could get what we wanted to fit in our room.  For example, I wanted the credenza (59.4375 inches wide) and hutch PLUS I wanted to make an L-shaped desk so I need the corner library base (23.375 inches wide) making a total of 82.8095 inches that I needed to find–just for one wall.  After making a rough sketch ON A POST IT NOTE (very high tech), we checked to make the decision about which wall to use for my desk area.
We then measured the pieces that my husband wanted and then marked off the measurements with tape on the walls to see if we were satisfied and that doors could open, outlets were accessible, and so on.
After we were convinced, we placed our order!  Ready to see the results?  ME TOO!  Stay tuned for the end product!  Now…I know for a fact that some of you are interested in a few OTHER results!  
First of all, let me say how much fun I had reading your comments over the last 5 days!  It sounds like MANY of us have very lofty hopes and dreams for the new year!  Whether you have personal goals or dreams, whether you are hoping for a better 2014 than 2013, or you have exciting news or events coming up in the new year, please know how much I appreciate that you take time out of your busy lives to snoop around my lil ol’ blog once in a while.  I love sharing parts of my life with you and love to hear from you! 
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Thanks for all of your support in 2013…and I look forward to sharing more classroom fun and ideas with you in 2014!