Number Sense with Number Lines!

Why number lines?

A solid understanding of number
sense and place value is absolutely critical as we move our students forward in
their mathematical thinking.  We often
expose them to numbers in a variety of ways…using manipulatives,
using 100’s charts, and so on.  One area
that is often overlooked is the building of understanding of how numbers relate
to each other and how they “fit” with other numbers.  For example…students may have a solid
understanding of what “10” is and how to model it—but they don’t always realize
what “10” means compared to other numbers…that 10 is half of 20…and double
5…and closer to 0 than to 100 and so on! 
In my attempt to really help my students understand place value, I have
developed some number line resources that I use with my students and I finally have them ready to share with you!
I’m pretty excited because they have been CHALLENGING my students, and I know we are all wanting to raise the level of rigor in our math instruction, right?  We also want to be stressing the Standards for Mathematical Practice, right?
It includes 65 math journal prompts at a variety of levels to get your students really thinking about numbers and place value.  Note that all of them ask students to “Explain your thinking!”
We’ve been sharing our ideas and how we solved them on the Smartboard . . . 
 . . . and with the document camera
I’ve even included pages that can be used as homework or exit slips!
So what do I
do with it?
I have used this type of problem in many ways . . .  
. . . As a daily warm up

. . . Over several days as a “mini unit” on place value

. . . To spot check understanding throughout the year

. . . To get a feel for which of your students need more
intervention on their number sense
I noticed one kiddo really struggling with these problems . . . I pulled him and we started smaller–by trying to “squeeze” numbers between other numbers!
. . . To be able to differentiate instruction (watch for a
similar resource with numbers to 1,000,000!)

. . . To teach the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Yup!  Included this rubric!
. . . To apply place value understanding in a new way.  Many textbooks use base ten blocks as their
primary way to deliver this content.
So I have to say–I’m pretty excited. My student are not only developing better mathematical understanding, but they are helping each other learn to talk about their reasoning!  I already have one in the works for numbers up to 1,000,000 and also decimals and fractions down the road because I see SO MUCH how the number lines help with understanding.
I know the resource only uses numbers up to 1,000 but it DEFINITELY showed me how we have moved our students through the grades ASSUMING they understand about estimating and rounding and relative sizes of numbers.  Nope!
So–if you are interested in checking it out, I am offering it UNTIL FRIDAY at a reduced price so my followers can grab it before the price goes up if you want it.  I’d love your feedback and comments before I move to the one with bigger numbers!
I had a blast making it–and think the variety of problems and levels, the photos and teaching tips, and other included parts will make it a resource you can use all year long.  Let me know!